Sean Sherman

aka Sioux Chef

Born in Pine Ridge, South Dakota (USA), Sean Sherman, also known as “The Sioux Chef”, has been reviving the culinary traditions of indigenous peoples in America and elsewhere for three decades. In particular, he has made a significant contribution to the preservation of Sioux cooking. Through extensive research, he has contributed to a better understanding of the food systems that developed on the land of his ancestors before colonial conquest and extermination.

This includes knowledge of cultivation techniques and the use of wild foods, harvesting methods, soil care, the production of salt and sugar, hunting and fishing techniques and food preservation. The migration stories of the Native Americans and their basic cooking techniques also need to be researched in order to understand their cuisine and bring it back to life.

Chef Sherman kicked off this edition of HKW’s Tongue and Throat Memories series with the launch of his book ‘The Sioux Chef’ on November 17. On November 18, we were able to get an idea of Native American cuisine at a tasting dinner in our restaurant.

Only knowledge that is shared with others can be passed on to future generations. With this in mind, Sean accompanied the dinner with a talk on indigenous cooking techniques.

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