MO – SUN from 12:00


Table up to 20 persons
+49 30 5858 22492





MO – SUN from 12:00


Table up to 20 persons
+49 30 5858 22492





We are there for you every day from 12:00 – whether lunch, coffee and cake or dinner, the view of the Spree is always included. Our evening menu starts at 17:00 with a selection of seasonal cuisine from all over the world. Lots of veggie, lots of vegan, but also fish and meat. A well-known classic: our famous original Italian stone oven pizza. For this reason, our pizza oven runs all day long.

From the smallest table reservations such as Valentine’s dates to large tables for birthdays or Christmas dinners – we have plenty of room. So grab your family, friends or colleagues and reserve a long table under the disco ball!


Our cuisine is cosmopolitan, seasonal and fresh. We are happy to serve your meals to share family-style or put together a suitable menu for groups. There is something for every budget and taste. 

In collaboration with the House of World Cultures, we regularly host guest chefs from sometimes remote fine dining kitchens. This allows us to collect more and more lasting culinary memories on our menu.

When a visiting chef offers a special tasting menu, you can purchase tickets via our online reservation system.

We are currently planning the next Kitchen Residency – this time with Shani Leiderman from April 12-14. We will keep you up to date!

Tongue and Throat Memories

With the Tongue and Throat Memories  program series, the House of World Cultures explores culinary knowledge shared in hospitality. Shared meals can stimulate memories of the palate through the exchange of culinary traditions and knowledge. 

Over the next five years, cooks from different cultures visit our kitchen. Each chef creates a special menu.
The meal will be accompanied by a program – film, performance, music, literature or talks. 

In this way, the kitchen will be filled with new life as a laboratory, a space for knowledge production, exchange and tradition.


Shani Leiderman

Shani Leiderman is owner of Beba restaurant at the Gropius Bau Museum in Berlin. 

After completing a BA – in Performance Art at the Amsterdam College of Arts, and a career in theater & music, Shani turned to her ultimate passion – food. She joined Infarm – an indoor farming start up. In 2018 she left the company to start her own venture and open ‘Beba’.

Beba’s menu is inspired by ancient Jewish cuisines from around the world. Shani is continuously researching and hosting special events in collaboration with artists that celebrate Jewish heritage. 

Shani on her kitchen residency at Weltwirtschaft:  

Join me on a personal journey delving into Jewish culture through intimate dining and cooking experiences. My mission is to break free from the stereotypes that defined my generation’s view of Judaism—a tradition seen as rigid and archaic. I want to unearth the beauty, values, stories, and habits that continue to inspire and resonate in our lives today. This is more than a culinary adventure; it’s an exploration of the heart and soul of Jewish heritage, offering you a genuine and enriching experience.

In the framework of Tongue and Throat Memories


Sioux Chef Sean Sherman

LAST CHEF: Sean Sherman aka Sioux Chef Born in Pine Ridge, South Dakota (USA), Sean Sherman, also known as “The Sioux Chef”, has been reviving the culinary traditions of indigenous

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Chef Toussaint

NEXT CHEF: Paul Toussaint 11.-13. August 2023 Born and raised in Jacmel, Haiti, Paul Toussaint moved to Canada at the age of 20 to study law, but was not much

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Chef Fatama Binta

LAST CHEF: Fatmata Binta Winner of the “Basque Nobel Culinary World Prize” 2022Winner of the “Best Chef Rising Star Award” 2021Founder and CEO of the Fulani Kitchen Foundation This award-winning

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Shani Leiderman ist passionierte Köchin und Inhaberin des Restaurants Beba im Gropius Bau in Berlin. 

Nach einem BA-Abschluss in Performance Art an der Amsterdamer Kunsthochschule und einer Karriere in Theater und Musik wandte sich Leiderman ihrer ultimativen Leidenschaft zu – dem Essen. 

Sie schloss sich Infarm an, einem Start-up für Indoor-Farming. 2018 verließ sie das Unternehmen, um mit Beba ihr eigenes Restaurant zu eröffnen. 

Die Speisekarte ist von alten jüdischen Küchen aus der ganzen Welt inspiriert. Shani recherchiert ständig zu diesem Themenkreis und veranstaltetet in Zusammenarbeit mit Künstlern besondere Veranstaltungen, die das jüdische Erbe feiern. 

Shani zu ihrem Gastspiel bei uns: 

“Begleiten Sie mich auf einer persönlichen Reise in die jüdische Kultur. Ich möchte mich von den Stereotypen befreien, die das Bild meiner Generation vom Judentum geprägt haben – eine Tradition, die als starr und archaisch gilt. Ich möchte die Schönheit, die Werte, die Geschichten und die Gewohnheiten ans Licht bringen, die uns auch heute noch inspirieren und in unserem Leben nachwirken. Dies ist mehr als ein kulinarisches Abenteuer; es ist eine Erkundung des Herzens und der Seele des jüdischen Erbes und bietet Ihnen eine echte und bereichernde Erfahrung.”

Im Rahmen von Tongue and Throat Memories

Inquiries & Occasions

Are you more than 20 people? Contact us and we will coordinate all the important details for your reservation.

If the setting is more formal, we are also happy to serve a classic menu in several courses. Further extras such as a Cremant reception to toast, a whole birthday cake for dessert, lavish bouquets of flowers, balloons filled to bursting, ice tubs with drinks for your guests or even a private bar can be arranged in advance. Please use our form under reservations.


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